Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prettiest Christmas Tree in Houston

I work in downtown Houston and I see a lot of beautiful decorations each season.  Centerpoint Energy always has the prettiest decorations.  They have the same decorations each year, (thank goodness!) and I always have to stop and admire.

This beautiful deer is covered completely in cut glass.

None of these pictures do it justice.  The deer are covered in crushed glass pieces and the trees are covered with brown, bronze, white and silver decorations and ornaments.  I absolutely love these decorations.  I know I will be making the silver ornaments next year with glue and glitter and I'll be collecting a lot of white picks with glass for the tree.

My next project will be duplicating this arrangement:

I have a short, round pot but I think it will work out ok. I will post a photo as soon as it is completed.


  1. I was looking for a christmastree with these colors, since I design tree skirts and I designed one in white, bronze, silver and green. In case you would like to see my design just let me know and I can email a picture to you.
    Kind regards,

  2. Sorry, I forgot my emailadress. My emailadress is

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