Saturday, January 25, 2014

DIY X and O for Valentines Day

I love surfing the internet and finding great ideas and then making them my own.  As you may have seen on some of my other posts, I hung a drapery rod above my antique buffet and decorate it for the different holidays and birthdays.  I changed my Valentine display from last year and although I consider it mostly finished I still have a picture of my Mother and Dad that I want to add to the vignette.  

The grapevine wreath is covered in a pearl garland and the X is made out of fake berry pics I bought at Michaels.  

This vignette means so much to me as Steve and I were married on Valentines Day 5 years ago (2009).  I've included my wedding bouquet which is now dried. I wish I had been able to keep the beautiful colors alive which were the colors of a west Texas sunset.  

We were actually married twice.  Once at our church with a few friends as witnesses and then we had a ceremony in front of family and friends.  

Other pictures included are the wedding of picture of Steve's mom and dad and another (which I love!) of them kissing on the couch.

Me and Steve - July 2009

Steve's parents - Ed and Aline

My parents 1944 - This was probably their wedding photo (they eloped)

This is my Christmas Tree converted to a Valentines Tree which is another post on this blog.

 Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope I've inspired you to create a vignette of your own.