Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Legett Hall, Texas A&M - Everything you wanted to know about the dorm.

I, along with thousands of other parents, just sent their child off to college.  She will be in the Legett Residence Hall which is labeled as a corridor dorm.

Legett Hall is named after K.K. Legett and was constructed in 1911 and is the oldest on campus.  It is 4 stories and the strangest design I've ever seen.  The dorm was originally for men only since women were not allowed to attend the school in 1911.  In 1979, Legett Hall was renovated as an all women's dorm, however they decided to leave a urinal in the bathroom on the 2nd floor. I'm not sure if that is a recent decision they made to accommodate gender equality or if the urinal has been there through all the years.


When you approach the front of the Hall, you will climb stairs to what is considered the 1st floor.  Although the building looks like it has four floors, the basement was converted from offices to dorm rooms.

When you reach the top of the stairs, you now get to play a version of "The Price is Right". Three doors are in front of you.  Which do you chose?

The door on the left, only leads to the third floor.  The middle door only leads to the first floor and the door on the right only leads to the second floor.  Very strange, I know!  From my very short visit while moving her in to the dorm, you have to exit the building and come back in to change floors, so if you are wanting to visit the kitchen, you will running in and out of the building.  Let me mention that the stairs to the second and third floors are steep!

Bathrooms must be accessed each time with their room keys and you must use the sign up sheet to use the washer and dryers (2)?) on each floor.  

You can find a diagram of the regular rooms here:  http://reslife.tamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/SPECS_Legett_Room_and_Furniture_Dimensions.pdf

You won't find a diagram or photos of the corner rooms so I took some before she moved in.

Two loft beds that you can adjust to any height.  I brought a hammer with me on move in day in case we needed it to knock the beds out of the slots, which we did.  When you check in to get your room key, you can ask for a hammer or mallot so if you don't bring one, it is great to borrow theirs!

As you can see the closet has a nice shelf.  Nicole brought a lot of hang up clothes and she had plenty of room.  We bought a closet rod to add if needed but she didn't need it right now and will save it for later.

Oops! Got Nicole in the picture.  As you can see there is no cabinet for the sink.  The medicine cabinet does open and has shelves.

 As you can see, a shelf peg was missing and it is missing on another cabinet too.  These are easily purchased at Lowes and Walmart probably has them. These are two cabinets stacked.

 A view of the door from inside the room.

A closet to the left, and one of the beds.  Notice the small place to put your head or feet.  

The three drawer dresser is on the left, the middle cabinet goes with the desk and then you have the desk itself.  

A view of one of the halls.

Another hall. (nice to see a fire extinguisher!)

This is the bathroom/shower. 

 Yes, that is a urinal.  Showers (with benches) line this wall.  One the other side of the wall are the individual toilet stalls with doors and locks and a long wall of mirrors and sinks.

The view from one corner window.

 The view from the other corner window.  All corner rooms have two windows that are 72 inches wide. They provide blinds but they do not have curtain rods. You will need to bring a spring rod or use command strips to hang a rod.

 Two bookcases stacked.

Fridge, Kuerig and microwave.  Let it be known that the fridge and microwave have to be plugged into a dedicated plug. They can not be connected by an extension cord.  That becomes a problem when trying to arrange the room.

Ok, look now as you will never see this room clean again (most likely).  I think the girls did a great job decorating their room! Don't you just love Nicole's ruffle bedspread?