Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween and Fall 2014

I've started a few projects but haven't gotten very far.

I LOVE how my lantern turned out.
 I had a bow on the top but it just took away from it so I left it off.
 My big crow needed a little something besides her witches hat so I added the pearls. 
Still needs something...

I haven't gotten far with my Halloween/Fall decorating but this is what I have so far.

My Christmas tree that Steve bought me last year has been so fun to decorate through the year.  It is very hard to photograph though! Some of the ornaments are bought and some are handmade.  To make quick and easy (and cheap!) ornaments, choose the decorating pics that are 99 cents or so, take the stick off of them and make them into a hanging ornament.

 I bought the scarecrow in Oklahoma City at the Country Arts Fair they have every year.  I think he is about 20 years old now.  This is the first time I've put him in the wagon.  I made the white, gold and green velour pumpkins. 

 Here are a few outdoor decorations. I'm working on the door decoration this weekend.  I need to buy a few more black crows and paint a big "old" wooden sign that says Pumpkins 4 sale. 

I found this little guy sitting out by the trash in my nieces neighborhood late at night.  I couldn't decide whether it was for the trash or not.  I finally ended up putting it in my car and then the next day I knocked on their door to see if it was trash or not. It was, so I brought it home.  It needs a paint job and some TLC.

My husband is CRAZY about dachshunds!  This little guy had a solar light hanging from his mouth but it finally quit working. I replaced the light with the pumpkin. Nice and glittery to see when walking to the front door.

I love my front porch.

The wooden candle stick was made by my best friend Kim's dad for a wedding present. I love it and it is very special to me. I haven't decided if I am going to put a bow or just leave it alone.