Saturday, July 30, 2016

DIY magnetic tins for dorm room

As I discussed on a previous post, my daughter is headed off to college in a few weeks.  While we have purchased all the large items we think she will need, it is the small touches that will pull everything together.

I recently purchased magnetic tins and I didn't have a plan to do anything with them when I bought them.  As I sat and pondered how I could best use them, I realized these would be great for Nicole's dorm.  She will be able to attach these to her mini refrigerator!

What the original tin looked like:

Front with the clear top:      

Back with the large magnet:

I first covered the plastic lid with painters tape so I didn't get paint on it.  I then spray painted the tin with glossy gold.  The glittery gold is adhesive vinyl.  The circle is a little bit larger than 3 inches so that it slides in under the plastic and will stay there without extra tape. 

 A little vinyl around the bottom and I'm all done!

Now all I need to do is get the little packets of salt, pepper and sugar!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Legett Hall at Texas A&M University (TAMU)

I can't believe the time for moving to college is here.  My daughter is headed to Texas A&M in the fall and we are making (shopping!) plans for her dorm.  

My daughter's new dorm will be Legett, named after Judge K.K. Legett, from Abilene, Texas and the dorm was constructed in 1911.  It was originally a men's dorm but now is an all female dorm with 160 girls in attendance during the fall and spring school year.

Legett Hall

Legett Hall 2016
The TAMU housing website gives a little information but not all the rooms are the same and we had some additional questions the website did not list.  We were able to get additional information about the dorm directly from an email received from the Associate Director of Housing.

Do you have pictures of room 220?  Pictures of the hall can be found here:

What are the sizes of the two windows?  there are 2 windows each 72’ x 72” each

Do they need mini blinds or curtains?  Mini-blinds are standard for each window

Will they need curtain rods and if so, what length? Yes, but a spring rod that is at least  72”

What is the length and width size of the room?  14’x16’  This is a corner room….so a little bit larger than the non-corner rooms

What is the closet size? 2 closets each:  54.5” x 12” x 21”

What does the sink/vanity look like? (free standing sink or is there a cabinet?)I need to double check but these were standing sink (no cabinets)

What is the width size of the desk?  Desk Size and all other furniture size can be found here:

What if they want do not want to keep certain furniture in the room? Does someone remove it and store it or is that our responsibility? No, all furniture must stay in the room

Will there be someone available to raise/lower the tall loft beds on move in day? Hall staff is available to assist, but the residents can do tis fairly easily

What is in the kitchen? (toaster/microwave/fridge/freezer, etc.)  Basic community kitchen with microwave, fridge/freezer, and stove.  No toaster or toaster ovens

Ice maker?  Yes

Can they store food in the fridge?  Not really as this kitchen is fairly small and not designed for 160 students to store their food in it

Do they need to contribute anything (towels, utensils, pots, etc?)  We would suggest bringing your own

There no pictures that I found, or have been sent to me, regarding the corner rooms. I will try to take pictures so future students will have an idea what the room is like before the girls start moving in.  I guess the housing department doesn't understand that girls want to "arrange" the room before getting there and to buy necessary items like curtains and rugs.  Not having these dimensions makes it hard to shop!  

Here is the link to the dimensions of the regular rooms.  Some of the information crosses over to the corner rooms.

The tall loft beds cannot be removed height wise.  If you lower your bed, you will still have a high headboard and footboard.  This really changes how your room will look.

I hope this answers some of your questions about Legett.  Go Aggies!