Sunday, May 26, 2013

Using Pewter Plates in the Kitchen

This is the second part of my kitchen decorating project.  The first part of my project was creating a backsplash for my kitchen.  I used my Cricut to cut words out of vinyl and placed them all along the backsplash. (See my 4/2/2013 Post)



I haven't found the material I want for the curtains yet but I did find the wall art I wanted.  I bought this wall art at Walmart for $11.  I thought it was a great price. I specifically bought it because I wanted the 3D spoon effect.

Nothing but a blank wall with a built in bench to start with:

Wall Art added:

Sorry it is not a better picture.

I have a cousin who many, many years ago had pewter plates against a red, white and blue plaid wallpaper that I just loved.  I found my plates and platters on eBay.  The plates weren't a bad price but the shipping prices for these heavy plates really increased the price!

"La Sante' L'Amour La Richesse et Le Temps Pour En Jour"
Translated to English: Health, Love and Wealth, and Time to Enjoy Them

I purchased disc hangars at my local Hobby Lobby for 1.99 or 2.99 for a 4 pound plate.  It was a good thought but the discs do not adhere to the pewter.  I will need to buy the wire plate holders for these.  I checked on the plates often as I had them hung and luckily I did because the discs were coming off.  

The two side plate holders will be removed once I have the pewter placed permanently.

<sigh>.  Back to Hobby Lobby or Michaels for picture plate hangars.  Still looking for material or curtains for the window and window seat (and pillows).  Any thoughts?