Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Decorating - Using a drapery rod to display subway art

I have a long hall way where I have placed an antique buffet table.  I change the decorations for the seasons but I've never found a painting or art work to adorn the wall.  I finally decided on using a drapery rod to display subway art that I've found on the internet.  It will be fun to change out the pictures for Christmas and then I will probably change all the subway art to family photos.

This is what the antique buffet looked like when I brought it home and added my favorite scarecrow and pumpkin decorations.

This is the after picture.

I bought the 6 foot pole and hardware at Home Depot.  The three pieces cost me about $40.00 which included the rod, end caps and wooden hangars.  I opted for the wooden pole instead of the less costly metal poles because of the antique buffet and surrounding antique furniture I have.

The subway art came from free printables I found on Pinterest and the web.  All were printed on plain or colored scrapbook paper.

The frames were purchased for $1 a piece at the dollar store and I hot glued ribbon to the back of the frames.  I then slipped the ribbons on to the pole.  I found that the pictures twisted if I used only one strip of ribbon.  The one on the far right has two but instead of spacing out the ribbon, I placed them close together.

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