Saturday, January 4, 2014

Did you know? Great way to pin on Pinterest!

While surfing the internet I discovered that if you highlight a word or group of words, and then click on Pin It, the words will be added to the description box.

Pewter plates in the kitchen

I've been working on my kitchen for awhile now, not really knowing what I wanted to do or what I wanted to spend.  First choice, was spend as little as possible.  Second choice, was to do something different, something that was "me". 
I decided on a backsplash and ended up using my Cricut and black vinyl.  I think it turned out wonderful! 

 My next purchase will be trading out the white plate outlets and light switches with silver ones to match the chrome on my appliances.

I still haven't found the material I want for the curtain above my windows.  This is my before picture.

And this is the wall art I purchased at Walmart.  It cost me $11 which I didn't think was too bad.  I bought it because I wanted the spoon!

Not a great picture and I apologize for that!  

In keeping with the silver and black theme, I purchased pewter plates off of ebay.  Don't you just love ebay!!

I purchased disc hangars at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each hoping they would work on these plates.  Unfortunately I wasted my money.  Not because of the product and quality but because these simply do not work on pewter.  Luckily I kept a close eye on them and realized they weren't going to work and took them down before they fell.

So this is what it looks like with the plates up.

Valentines Day wrought iron tree

I just finished getting the last of the Christmas decorations taken down and started decorating for Valentines. It's so nice that I can use many items from Christmas and make them work for Valentines Day.  

For my birthday this past August my husband finally bought me a wrought iron Christmas tree! I've wanted one for years.  Found it on sale and with free shipping!  

I have a little more that I want to add to the tree.  I apologize for the poor picture as it is so hard to take a photo with the tree in front of the window.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas has come and gone and I still want to decorate! I just didn't have enough time to get everything done.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was much too short and I just couldn't get presents made or bought and still get my house decorated.  As I write this I keep thinking of things that aren't set out so there is no telling what I am missing.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus on top of the armoire.

Michaels craft store had a big sale on their plate chargers. This one was all silver with rhinestones along the edge.  I spray painted the inside circle with plastic primer and then sprayed chalkboard paint. After I painstakingly painted the chalkboard paint, I realized I could just just the chalkboard pens to write on the charger.  I think I like the chalkboard effect better.

These are a couple of other plate chargers I made as gifts.

The vignette below is a new addition to my decorations this year.  We just installed hard wood floors and I was tired of my dining room table so I gave it to my daughter. I moved the buffet in to the room and hung a drapery rod above it. I usually decorate the drapery rod with subway art but this time I draped beautiful turquoise and bronze with silver ribbon. 

 This is a close up of the arrangement in a silver bowl and platter that was my Dad's retirement present.  

The silver cones were half off at CVS.  I didn't think $10 was a bad deal.  

Beautiful bow for the china cabinet. I have one on each side.

I added washi tape to the candles to give them a little sparkle. 

This beautiful Angel is the newest addition to our Christmas decorations. She is made of very light weight tin and guards my new wrought iron Christmas tree faithfully.

Finally... I finally received the wrought iron Christmas tree I've been asking for! This has been on my Christmas wish list for a couple of years.  I asked for it on my birthday this year instead. Ordered it in August but it took over a month to get here since it was back ordered.  I LOVE IT!  My husband Steve is suggesting we put lights on it next year. Not sure how I'm going to be able to do that.

You can find this tree at in 7 foot and 10 foot sizes and there are other places like Amazon where you can find trees in different colors like white, gold, silver, etc.

My tree isn't highly decorated. Some years I have ribbon twined through the branches. Some years I have strings of red beads.  This year we just put the ornaments.  Every year I collect an ornament for each child and then an ornament for Steve and I.  When the children get married, they get their ornaments.

This little basset hound was in honor of our little Dixie that passed away this year.

I have a new grand daughter that was born in October.  Her room is decorated in Alice in Wonderland so I made the Mad Hatter ornament in her honor.  Actually I bought the hat and redecorated it with the ribbon, pins and tag.  Zoe's First Christmas.

Since I give the kids their ornaments when they are older, I just had to make an ornament for me to keep.
I advise you to do this project when the baby is asleep!  We had glitter everywhere!

And of course I have to show you a picture of Zoe and her beautiful sister Gabby!

Each of my windows in the living room are very simple.  Grapevine wreaths with red bows and then a glittery ornament beside it.

We have two dachshunds and I collect dachshunds for him as gifts.  A few little Christmas balls make them festive.

I painted these ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Claus for my mother many, many, many years ago.Each are over a foot tall and make a big impact in the corner of the room.  Next year I should add snow and a few more trees I think.

I love snowmen and the bar between the kitchen and living room is the perfect spot to display them.

I probably should have taken down the horse plate but it is very antique and a family heirloom. I would hate for something to happen to it so I just left it in place.

I simply love my Santa.  He stands about three feet tall and I have to find something to go with him. He looks a little lonely don't you think? He needs a tree or North Pole sign.

This is another of my antique decorations. My Aunt Faye made this for me when I was one or two.  My to-do list this year is to have it framed and preserved properly.

The OSU (Oklahoma State) gnome is a gift this year from my sister. My dad played on the 1944-45 Oklahoma Aggies football team that played in the Cotton Bowl in 1945. 

Everyone has to have a Dachshund Christmas tree, right?

Our daughter made Steve the chalkboard dog. It was bright yellow before painted.

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray the Lord blesses you and your family in the New Year.