Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween 2011

I just love Halloween and I always try to get at least one new project done each year.  This year I decided on a new decoration for my dining room table.

I bought a witches hat at the dollar store (of course) a dollar.  I already had some of the other accessories.

I started with a tall candle vase that I had left over from my wedding.  I then taped a piece of black sparkly scrapbook paper to the vase.  The back side wasn't taped to the paper;  I used straight pins to pin the paper down.

I then used a mercury glass candlestick as the base.

Why not add more glitter?  I added a bright green glitter ribbon to the top and bottom of the candle and then added the same colored lettering. 

 Next I started on my witches hat.

I had an old Styrofoam cone,
 that as you can see is held 
together by straight pins!

I measured the circumference of the hat to add the band of ribbon and then I made a nice fluffy bow with a long tail. (I pinned the ribbon on to the band of the hat with straight pins).

Next, I added the green vines and purple spider pics.
This increased the cost of my hat by $6 more but I loved the shocking glitter effect!
              This is the final product!  All I need now is a black  spider web table cloth to finish!

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